glass art

The art of stained glass is an essential part of glass art and that is what LLC Klaasinterjöör is mainly dedicated to. Although stained glass is mostly associated with churches, this idea is changing fast. Stained glass has become a decorative part of home design, having a high practical and visual value. In fact it doesn’t matter whether one is dealing with classical stained glass mosaic, Tiffany stained glass or decorative film. The attraction of stained glass does not lie in the technique. Stained glass can be used in rooms where there are no curtains, but one still wishes to have some privacy. According to Feng Shui stained glass acts similarly to walls, blocking excessive energy flow. It is easy to feel insecure in modern glass buildings.
By substituting clear glass with stained one we can block excessive energy flow and create a cozier and more harmonious home for ourselves.