Stained glass film

Stained glass art film is a type of stained glass, where specific films are attached on the glass and a lead tape with adhesive strip is applied on the glass according to the plan. Visually it is difficult to see the difference between stained glass art films and stained glass mosaics. Theese films are of high quality and they have been made especially for mosaic films. The film is somewhat thicker, resistant to the bleaching effect of sunlight and substantially different from widespread graphic film. The tin tape is available in golden, silver and darker shades and it also comes in different widths. Stained glass art film has sometimes been called “fake stained glass”. Although mosaic film has many humorous names, it has many advantages as well. Stained glass art film comprises one whole glass panel, hence it can be used as a large surface which doesn’t become deformed over time. The films that can be applied on glass make it safer – when the glass breaks, the film keeps it intact. Stained glass art films can be used in glass units.