Frosted glass

There are several ways of matting glass. Satin matting is the chemically achieved etched surface of glass. The result of satin matting is high quality etched glass that is silky soft upon touch. When etching with acid different patterns can be applied on glass. Sandblasted glass is in its essence rougher and more porous than satin glass. Sandblasting also enables the application of decorative patterns on glass. In such a case film is applied on the glass and the desired pattern is cut into it. After sandblasting the film is removed from the glass. Sandblasted glass is made especially captivating by bevels which can be glued on it. They add brightness and colour to the otherwise whitish matted glass. Sandblasted glass patterns are perfect for modern homes.
In the case of matting with film, the latter is applied on the glass. It is possible to cut patterns into film. Glass that is matted with film is a great solution in situations where after installing windows one wishes more privacy but does not want curtains. This usually applies to the hallway and bathroom windows where curtains might get dirty quickly. In that case it is also possible to glue bevels on glass which then brighten the dull matted glass.