Stained glass

Stained Glass Mosaic

Stained glass mosaic is the oldest and most dignified type of stained glass. Just like other types of stained glass, a mosaic catches the playful sunbeams and casts wonderful patterns on the walls. In stained glass mosaics coloured glass is used which is available in hundreds of colours and various structures. This is what makes stained glass mosaics light-sensitive and particularly warm. When making stained glass mosaics coloured glass is cut into pieces which are then joined with special H-shaped lead profiles. Stained glass mosaic is perfect for those looking for more classical solutions.

Tiffany Stained Glass

L.C. Tiffany is an American stained glass artist, who developed the new glass art technique which was then named after the creator. Tiffany stained glass differs from stained glass mosaics visually and technique-wise. In Tiffany method the edges are covered with specific copper foil where the copper will remain after being soldered. The Tiffany method enables to unite smaller pieces than in stained glass mosaics which are made with lead profiles. The width of Tiffany lead joints may vary, while in stained glass mosaics they stay the same. Tiffany stained glass is in its essence more graceful, the pattern is more delicate and subtle and the result particularly gorgeous.