The fact that we are all a little vain makes us glance into the mirror in the mornings. We are glad when we see something pleasing there. It would be great if that mirror could match the beauty of the person who is looking into it or the home the mirror is decorating. Klaasinterjöör has a series of mirrors that can be bought then and there. However, if you would like the mirror to match your home and your character, it is possible to order beautifully designed mirrors from us as well. It is, of course, also possible to order mirrors without a design. When designing mirrors we use three main techniques: matted patterns, film mosaics and the combination of back-painting and sandblasting. It is possible to order 3, 4 and 6 mm thick mirrors. 3 mm thick mirrors are available also in clear and gray tone. 4 mm mirrors are available in gray and bronze tone. Mirrors are mostly mounted on the walls using glue and the service can be ordered from us as well. It is also possible to purchase fastening elements for the mirrors.