wall clocks, table clocks

A clock is a nice present which symbolizes the passing of time, but will always remind us of a beautiful moment. In Klaasinterjöör it is possible to order clocks for specific events or to choose from the current selection. We can make the clock a very personal present by engraving a name or words of congratulation on it. Beautiful wall clocks are a great idea on several occasions.
Customers have bought clocks from us for weddings, at the birth of a grandchild, for graduations, birthdays and company presents. Our designed clocks have also won hearts and devotion at summer fairs, for glitter and colours attract many. Since we are dealing with hand-made products, there aren’t two clocks alike. When making the clocks we use combined techniques: kiln-forming, mosaic film technique, back-painting. Polished crystals, glass orbs and details of coloured glass also add to the charm. And what is most important, we use German quality mechanisms so that the clocks tick quietly. In addition to the traditional wall clocks we also make table clocks.