About Klaasinterjöör

In the beginning there was practically nothing. There was a piece of glass and a girl and and an idea…
The girl thought of planting this piece of glass, so that it could grow into two, several or several hundred.
And the piece did grow. It grew so huge that in no time the girl found herself in a world of glass – colourful and transparent, just as she liked it. This magical world attracted others and there were those who came and left, but there were also those who came to stay…
This is our fairy tale. Since 2001 Klaasinterjöör has grown into just that, so that a piece of this wonderful glass world can enter the homes of our clients. Klaasinterjöör is motivated by the continuous desire to improve and move forward. It is a kind of inner restlessness and a feeling that nothing can be too perfect, and so we aspire to identify ourselves over and over again through every new project.
This little fairy tale piece has grown into a wide selection of products: light-catching stained glass mosaics, safe stained glass films for doors and windows; glass with matted patterns for modern homes; mirrors whose practical value is in balance with good design; lights that create a warm and cozy atmosphere, stained glass backboards for kitchens and shower walls which make your life comfortable, staircase banisters and partition walls that strike with their lightness.
In Klaasinterjöör you can expect a friendly and creative atmosphere. Klaasinterjöör has the advantage of experience over its competitors and although we are a small company, we take pride in flexibility and trustworthiness.
The slogan of Klaasinterjöör “experience that reflects in every piece” is also our motto. We wish for every glass to convey our experience and expertise. On the other hand it is important that our clients feel satisfied with our work and remember having a warm and pleasant experience. The attraction of Klaasinterjöör does not lie only in the beautiful products we have to offer. Our purpose is to provide our clients with a lifelong emotion.
The friendly staff of Klaasinterjöör comprises:
Anu Jaanhold
Manager, artist
Anu: “I am the girl from the fairy tale of Klaasinterjöör
and I still like to plant these pieces that attract colourful people.”

Sandra Allemann
Sandra: “My job challenges imagination, its goal is turning hundreds of different wishes and ideas into reality,
which makes people’s eyes sparkle.”