How to order

We give personal attention to each and every one of our customers.
Simpler orders can be placed via e-mail.
If it is necessary to draw up plans, we recommend visiting our office in order to become acquainted with our previous jobs. To speed up the process the clients are recommended to have the initial measurements with them. In our office you will find a friendly staff who will assist you however they can. If necessary, we also offer the designer’s individual consultation at your home or office, which is then a chargeable service. The designer will make 2-3 versions of the plan for every client. The plans can be seen in the office of Klaasinterjöör. For copyright purposes they are not handed over before the advance payment has been received, but if you should still wish to have a closer look at the plans, it can be done for a deposit. For accurate measurements it is advisable to use the measuring service provided by Klaasinterjöör. The fee proposal is prepared based on the complexity of the plans and the technology used. The exact colour solution and other details deriving from technology are agreed upon before placing the order. The deposit of 50% is needed in order to fulfill the order.
The deadline depends on the size, technology and complexity of the order. Installation service can be ordered from our company as well. In that case the installer guarantees the compatibility of the glasses and is responsible for all possible damages.

Wishing you a delightful experience,

LLC Klaasinterjöör