Measuring is an important stage in making sure the glass fits in its place as well as possible. When measuring service is ordered from us, we take full responsibility for the perfect fit. Measuring service is especially important for such tasks where the glass has openings for fastenings. Measuring is done for a fee and carried out by the copartner of Klaasinterjöör. If the doors and windows have been ordered from other companies, but the customer wishes to add stained glass from Klaasinterjöör, measuring service is not necessary, because the required measurements, the thickness of the glass or the glass unit is agreed upon directly with the manufacturer.

Transport and Installation

It is possible to order the installation and transport service for the glass ordered from us. It is carried out by the copartner of Klaasinterjöör, who we have a long-term partnership with and whom we trust. In that case the installer guarantees the suitability of the glasses and is responsible for potential damages that may occur during transportation, hence the client’s responsibility is reduced to a minimum. The prices of transport and installation depend on the complexity and location of the task.

Consultation with the Artist

Designing a home is a time-consuming process and it is essential for the choices to be right.
Do you wish to decorate your home or office with stained glass or glass design, but you have too many questions – where? How? In that case it is possible to ask our artist for personal consultation. The artist is able to recommend a specific style, colour or technique that suits your needs, whether they involve stained glass mosaics, matted patterns or film mosaics. The outcome is always a design that suits your home or office and becomes an inseparable part of the room, gives it a unique character and the warm feeling we look for in the places we spend a lot of time in.
The price of inviting an artist to your home is negotiable. Consultation in our office is free of charge as well as the plans made for the client. Initial sketches can be seen in our office. Since our plans are copyright protected we give them out before drawing up an order and advance payment only for a deposit.

Patterned film on objects and on glass

Large glass surfaces do not give us the privacy we need. But we still need to peek outside. Klaasinterjöör has a solution for that – patterned decorative window films. They enable to cover large bare glass surfaces with film, which protects from prying eyes, but also has clear glass surfaces which let light in and enable to look out from the inside. Before commencing we offer the customer a selection of plans that have been made with the room in mind where the film would be fitted. The selected pattern will be cut into film then and there. For a more attractive effect it is also possible to glue crystals on the glass and the general impression will be momentarily brighter and eye-catching. Decorative window film is a clever alternative for rooms where people don’t want traditional curtains. Patterned decorative window film is also suitable for offices, corridors, saunas and washing rooms.

UV Gluing

UV gluing is an innovative solution for making glass furniture, showcases and glass lamp shades. UV gluing excludes the necessity of fastening elements which may attract unnecessary attention, for instance in jewelry store showcases. The technique also enables to glue metal parts, cleats and handles onto glass. It is important for the glass to let through enough UV light for the glue to dry. UV gluing is not suitable for back-painted glasses or very dark coated glass. In order to dry the glue quickly a special lamp is used. Dried UV glue is very strong which makes it impossible to separate the glued parts later. Klaasinterjöör offers UV gluing for both existing glasses and the ones ordered from us.